Jul 10

Best. Email. Ever.

By Mark Attwood | Inspirational People

Got this in my inbox this morning. Could’t agree more. Thanks to Bryan of

Now that the fireworks are over, it’s time to hit you over the head with a hard truth:

It’s all a sham.

We are not “independent.” Not anymore.

When we were still a colony, our British oppressors posed a familiar, old-world form of threat.

Their oppression was singular, visible, and involuntary.

Now, 240 years later, we face an entirely new breed of tyranny.

Through a combination of our own growing sophistication, market forces, and scientific and technological advancement, this new form of oppression is infinitely more complex.

This new oppression has three key qualities:

3. It is largely VOLUNTARY

Let’s get in the shit and unpack these one by one.


Just as the burden of owning a condo, boat, or jet is lessened when owned jointly, so too the burden of owning a slave is lessened when shared jointly with other oppressors.

The prime burden of slave ownership is the risk of revolt and insurrection.

When the oppressors are legion, their individual risk is mitigated.

Our oppressors do not work together in any orchestrated symbiosis. Rather, they operate within a “free market” of tyranny: an informal, self-organizing, leaderless system of oppression.

Here is but a sampling of the legion’s rank and file:

BIG FOOD riddles us with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes by selling us their abominable fake food concoctions.

BIG MEDIA riddles us with malaise, despair, and anxiety by filling our screens with every lurid, click-baity half-truth they can conjure up in order to sell more ads.

BIG PHARMA riddles us with addiction and side-effects by selling us their pills, convincing us that the human condition with all its vagaries is a neurosis to be medicated against rather than a spectrum of experience to be enjoyed and enriched by, mowing down human nature in favor of profitable numbness and stupor.

BIG GOVERNMENT riddles us with red tape and financial bleed, like a tumor charged with it’s own incision, self-corrupting ad infinitum in a vicious, ever-widening circle of greed and invasion.

BIG MONEY riddles us with dread and fear and the taste of doom in the back of your mouth, as those enslaved to the credit card companies will attest, using our wiring for immediate gratification to snare us.

BIG EDUCATION riddles our children with glib platitudes and groupthink, prizing test-taking and route memorization above problem-solving and creating thinking, preparing our children not for art and enterprise, but to serve as worker drones on the factory floor.

And that’s just for starters.

To see your oppressors all neatly laid out, look no further than your bank statement. See them there, lurking in the line items, patiently ripping their pound of flesh from your quivering body like clockwork each month.


“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
– Goethe

In the old dispensation, the slaver and the shackle were clear to the naked eye.

In the new dispensation, the shackle is of necessity disguised.

Since we are “too smart” for any outright shackle, the shackles have been reimagined, retooled, and reformed, and hidden beneath new enticements.

That is why we see 0% APR, matching contributions, air miles, free samples, no money down, and installment payments as perks of modern living instead of seeing it all for what it really is: the grease on the chute to the slaughterhouse floor.

3. It is largely VOLUNTARY

Due to our modern system of laws, forced slavery is no longer possible in our self-styled “free society.”

The dark genius of the modern oppressors is the way they leverage cultural norms, consumption rituals, and addiction in ways that compel us to PUT ON OUR OWN CHAINS.

As a result, today’s slavery is largely VOLUNTARY.

Thus the oppressor can always say, “we are not FORCING anyone to buy our products and services. No one is putting the gun to their head.”

All the while, they are spending billions to engineer conditions that effectively serve the gun’s same purpose.

But therein lies the escape.

Though the new oppression we face is massive in scale, fractional, and opaque, it is still, by and large, a CHOICE YOU MAKE.

So this July, as the firework cardboard tubes lay discarded in the park grass, and as the toy flags lay rolled up on top of the fridge, waiting for you to put them back in the attic for next year, let your Independence Day celebration go deeper.

Let your indignation take hold, like a blooming festerance.

Cultivate within yourself the dark desire to fight, and win again, a second independence.

You will need every ounce of resolve you can muster.

For this time, the oppressors wield not chains or the hangman’s noose or the wigged judge’s gavel, but chemistry, and habit, and our own herd instinct systematically turned against us.

This time, the weapons we take up against them are not muskets or bayonets, but resolution: the vision and the will to opt out of a bogus scheme… the courage to say FUCK YOU to the standard American life they’re prepackaged for you.

To reject the drama and depletion and dulled wits of paycheck to paycheck living and instead create wealth.

To reject the shitty food in the grocery store and instead eat real food: bloody, dank, dirty and wild.

To reject the given role as dutiful consumer and become instead CREATORS.

To reject all the fake news, fake government, fake food, fake medicine, fake success, fake friendship, and fake happiness that surrounds us and create a life that is FUCKING REAL.

To see these countless leeches for the parasites they are, rip them from your body, and throw them to the fire.

Only then will you escape the tyrant’s clutches.

Only then will you be free.


Apr 27

How synchronicity opens up new business opportunities

By Mark Attwood | Business

I asked myself a few years ago: “What am I doing this for?”

I’d spent nearly 20 years honing my skills as a marketer and generating millions of ££s – but what was it for?

It was never just about the money for me – it was always about the challenge.

By just asking this question though, my life changed radically.

Now I am doing SEO and marketing work that is literally saving people’s lives.

Because of this shift in consciousness, I am now working with some of the most extraordinary people on the planet. People who are working to save the human race from illness and disease.

My work is helping more and more people find them, and I finally feel really good about my work and the impact it is having on peoples’ lives.

I have a mission and a purpose beyond the material realm and now my apprenticeship in marketing makes sens to me.

It’s amazing how this shift pulls people towards you.

About a year ago, I met a guy called Tivon Rivers. He, like me, is ex-military except he worked for the US Navy and I’d worked for the RAF.

Tivon and his girlfriend Naima had found themselves in the North of Morocco after a literally crazy 3 years trying to build a free-energy device based on the work of Nikola Tesla.

This is the kind of thing that interest me. People putting their life on the line, breaking free of all that they had known before to do something seemingly impossible and then giving that to the world.

Amazing stuff in my eyes.

Quackery to others; but it’s the crazy dreamers that actually change the world for the better time and time again.

Myself and my wife had first met these two on YouTube. We sat and watched their videos round the kitchen table in our home in Cheshire four years ago – now we’re neighbours in Morocco!

When we first actually met, Tivon gave me something I’d never seen before: he called it an Orgone Charging Plate. This is what it looks like:


I slept on it that night and the effects were incredible. I was shivering, even though it was 30 degrees Celsius. I had layers of clothes on and was coming out in cold sweats. The best way of explaining it was that I felt “recalibrated” by the morning.

My business brain kicked in – “How can we sell these? Everyone should have one!”

After doing a lot of research, I discovered that people were making orgone products all over the world. The science of orgone, also known as “Prana”, “Qi”, “Akasha” or “Ether” is based in the idea of the existence of a universal life-force energy which permeates all of nature, which had long been accepted until the 19th century when scientists tried to disprove its existence.

A pioneer into researching this was Dr Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957), the Austrian psychiatrist who first coined the term orgone, and his research into orgone energy paved the way for others to follow.

You can research it for yourself online, but suffice to say Dr Reich was curing people of cancer and all sorts of other diseases with this technology, end up being put into prison by the FDA and then died in 1957. Was there a link between his work and his death. To me, obviously there was. Yet another gift to humanity being suppressed.

So, I proposed an idea to Tivon – why don’t we make a small orgone pendant that we can give away to get as many people wearing it as possible? And that’s what we’ve done!

Free Orgone Pendant Offer -

Our mission is to get Orgone into every house on Earth. When your energy field is cleaned, you vibrate at a higher frequency. You consciousness is raised and your body starts to work properly. It’s just common sense, and it’s not rocket science. Get your pendant here:

I’m covering the whole marketing sequence in my Digital Marketing Strategy Members Area – The Galaxy Club. If you want to see what’s in there, grab a copy of my book here: Best Digital Marketing Strategy.

Apr 27

How a “Cardiac Event” changed my life

By Mark Attwood | My Life

I woke up in intensive care in Stockport Hospital to learn that the 17-year old kid in the next bed had not made it through the night.

The night before, a nurse could not tell me that I was going to be OK. She had tears in her eyes. I was terrified, but fell to an exhausted sleep, not knowing if I was going to see September 11th 2001.

48 hours earlier, my surgeon friend had told me on a beach in Tarragona, Spain, that I had had a “cardiac event” and needed to go to hospital right away.

I had been caught swimming in the sea with a tide that was far stronger than me. Making it back to the beach was a miracle and took every nerve and sinew I had in me.

It was our friend’s wedding that same day, so in my usual gung-ho fashion, I said “Well, I’m not missing the wedding and if I’m gonna go, I’m going with champagne in one hand and a cigar in the other”

Since I had to turn my Dad’s life support machine off at the age of 17 I had lived a little recklessly. At this point, I was 32.

I thought I’d had a pretty amazing life so far, having been an RAF pilot, a journalist at The Daily Telegraph, a stand-up comedian, a published poet, a theatre company owner and, back then, the owner of a marketing company that was paying me more money every month than most of my family could earn in a year.

I didn’t know then that I would go on to get married, have 5 amazing kids, move continents, and generate over £50 million from one idea.

After I had woken up, I had a visit from the heart specialist who broke the news that they had measured the wrong enzymes. It was my muscles that were pumping them out through over-exertion, not my heart.

Then my girlfriend walked through the door. I said “What’s been happening?”. She said “Two planes have just flown into the Twin Towers in New York”

I was like “Yeah, right”.

The nurses moved me to the ward and I was told I’d have to stay for at least 3 days for observations.

I found the TV room and watched the horrors unfold, along with the rest of the planet. I didn’t know right then, but one of my old school friends was in WTC for a meeting that morning. He didn’t survive.

“Fuck this, I’m off”

I got dressed and walked out of the Hospital. When I got home I had a nurse screaming down the phone at me “If you die, it’s your own fault!” she said.

This was not the first or last time I would come to blows with the medical profession.

I lost something that day.


Fear of death, fear of failure, fear of success.

And I gained so much more.

What I have not told you is that this was the third time I had looked my own death in the face. Every time I had, I lost a little more of that council-house kid with limited horizons. I lost a little more of my originally unswerving faith in the system. And I gained a little more belief in the true me, my higher self, and faith in the Universe, God, Source, Allah – or whatever you want to call it.

We are all here for a purpose and finding that purpose is the whole point of being here.

Moving to Morocco in 2014 was also a big jump for me that took me into uncharted territory. I couldn’t speak the languages, it was bloody hot, the internet didn’t work…but, I felt the fear and did it anyway.

It’s the only way we grow.

You don’t need to face death to expand yourself spiritually like this, but it helps.

Whenever you jump over the chasm, there will be casualties. People once regarded as friends will peel away, business associates may fall out with you, people will betray you. But that’s OK. You’re expanding and they don’t want to be left behind. That’s their journey, not yours. Thank them and forgive them, then move on.

As Eric Pepin of the Higher Balance Institute is wont to say, this is just The Dough, the self-correcting code of this virtual reality Universe.

Stay firm, stay resolute, have faith and keep moving.

Life is not designed for you to stand still.

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